Affordable pricing

Increase your business's visibility all day long with an affordable investment of just one dollar per day. Our premium website solutions are designed to impress and engage your audience. 

Initial development fee

$ 30 / Month


  • Hosting and maintainance
  • Tailored aesthetics to exude your business ethos
  • Emphasis on inclusivity and user-friendly interface
  • Mobile responsiveness for seamless browsing across devices
  • Streamlined performance optimized for enhanced search engine visibility
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) compatibility
  • Fine-tuned on-page SEO optimization for heightened online presence
  • Robust data markup to enrich search engine interactions
  • Utmost security with SSL certification
  • Interactive contact or quote form for seamless communication
  • Seamless communication conduit for efficient interactions
  • Comprehensive Google Analytics integration for insightful metrics
  • Daily backups for safeguarding your valuable data

Initial development fee

Commence at an affordable rate of $300

Here’s what’s included:

  • A bespoke, high-performance WordPress website comprising up to 5 captivating pages,
  • Designed to amplify lead generation.
  • Complete suite of features as mentioned in the feature list.
  • Complimentary updates and maintenance.
  • 3 hours of content updates per year, available upon request.
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* All of our web applications are hosted on the high speed cloud server. We know no one will love slow website.

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